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the passage of time is a relative factor. Very relative. 1989: if you want, there are many years since the birth of Cocoricò. So many that one could also get lost in the temptation to talk about “old club”, “place that has photographed the enjoyment of generations”, things like that. Reassuring. Authoritative. Here – Cocoricò is not reassuring. And his authority was established and there is certainly not thanks to some well-written press release or through clever public relations networks, but comes from the sensations and the intensity of every single person to have crossed the entrance of here today. This, now more than ever, is the only authority that interested.
You can not cheat, when it is so. And you do not want to cheat. Also because, after all, you must not cheat anyone who at least once found himself prowling the corridors between a room and the other, anyone who has been welcomed by the warmth of Titilla, anyone who has surrendered to the grandeur of the Pyramid hardly returned home thinking “Ok, I spent a normal evening in any place”. It’s not a normal night when dawn begins to make its way through the magnificent stained glass windows, illuminating thousands of eyes, hands, faces, stories still on the dancefloor. It’s not a normal night when you go out, exhausted, and with the space-time coordinates within you still find yourself upside plains and sight of the endless sea, from the hills above Riccione, defying the force of gravity that would take you to the valley.
You can also enjoy a lot, to pass a “normal event in any location”, it is clear. Foul. You’re doing the right thing. But when you come to Cocoricò you know that you take the responsibility (and the joy and thrill) of having to enjoy a night of rare intensity. You know that the Pyramid spaceship taking off, it is a magical factory empathy. You know that those who are in the past console there or in the other rooms made history and, above all, it is there because it is doing this and are imagining the future (what is even more true with the winter 2011 season, where you break the habit of many -dj-in-one-night-to-room and are instead assigned to the keys of the emotions and bpm to a single guest artist: here again, even for him, responsibilities).




Viale Chieti 44 Riccione, 47838 Italy

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