Tokyo Nightlife

Tokyo Nightlife


One of Asia`s Japan’s biggest and most diverse event spaces, ageHa`s faithful pile in every weekend to get down to their favorite DJ`s and live acts from around the world.

Soundmuseum Vision Club

SOUND MUSEUM VISION. This huge subterranean space in Shibuya has many different moods. GAIA, the main floor, has one of the best custom-made sound systems in the world. DEEP SPACE is imbued with pure underground spirit. In two different lounge spaces, you can enjoy two different atmospheres – WHITE is sexy; D-LOUNGE is warm.
We offer you a stimulating setting born of the collaboration between leading artists on the global scene and an unpredictable chain reaction triggered by the interaction of various creative elements, such as art, fashion, performance and motion graphics. A new vision to guide us to the future of Tokyo will be born in this magnetic field where people and culture will be drawn together to meet.
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Harlem Nightclub Tokyo |

HARLEM has continued to support the hip-hop scene in Japan as the “holy land of hip-hop,” and has evolved into a name which is known today both at home and abroad with regular weekly events held on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.
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Lounge Neo

In Shibuya to continue the dissemination of culture in the center of fashion and music, since its opening in 2002, has been responsible for the end of its role at the center of the music events. Curved huge wall is striking, powerful image will Utsushidase to one side wall of the two projectors. The floor complete with sound system, to live music from the club sound, achieving a sound environment that can be happy with the people of the player.
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WOMB Nightclub Tokyo |

Since it had put up the antennae on Maruyama-cho, Shibuya, where cross various cultures, in 2000, and much time had passed. Now, WOMB will mark its 10th anniversary on April 2010. With WOMB WORLD WIDE in mind, it steadily increases its musical network and the resident artists advance into both in and outside of Japan to transmit Tokyo culture. The time has passed by and the sound it had sought for at the beginning is already old-fashioned. In meantime, although the sound system has evolved at a rapid pace, and the music genre has become fractionalized, WOMB always takes a ball before the bound.
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Solfa Nightclub Tokyo |

Solfa is a club of Techno,House,Hiphop music with a good soundsystem.
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Circus Nightclub Tokyo |

CIRCUS Tokyo opened in October 2015 Taking over the space vacated by long-running underground haunt Amate-Raxi, which closed down in August after eight years in Shibuya. It is Shibuya’s successor to Osaka’s Club Circus, known for attracting serious music fans.
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