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Amsterdam Nightlife

Jimmy Woo
Jimmy Woo Nightclub |

Opened its doors in December 2003. Soon, this luxurious night club gained worldwide fame because of its strict door policy and many celebrated guests. The club is also famous for its interior and sound system: Jimmy Woo won the ‘Dutch Design’ price and was honored for ‘best club sound in the Netherlands.
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Radion Nightclub |
“A scalar field in quantum field theory in spacetimes with additional dimensions” basically.
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Air Nightclub, Amsterdam
Huge club playing cutting-edge electronic tunes to a multi-tiered dance floor & in its 5 funky bars. AIR is the club in Amsterdam with an international look and feel. AIR represents tolerance, diversity, creativity, quality and freedom. AIR astonishes its guests with diverse electronic & urban music programming for various people and its attention to service.
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RhythmTravels.comCruquius Guild is a unique collaboration between three not so obvious parties in the area of craft, architecture and culture and consists of three components: workshops, talent development and socio-cultural programming.
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Warehouse Elementenstraat

Elementenstraat Nightclub |
In 1992 the raw warehouse located in the industrial West of Amsterdam hosted some of the very first large scale House raves called Multigroove. These nights set a milestone in Amsterdam’s music development and party scene. Almost 20 years later, the mystical location re-opened its doors. Still with the same intention: to bring music from its purest side. And dance until sunrise.
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De School

De School Nightclub Amsterdam |
From the people of the infamous club TROUW, here’s their new venue since the closing of TROUW. The only club with 24h license. Say no more.
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Westerunie club amsterdam |
An imposing club on a historic spot in the Westerpark. Here is still written history in an industrial decor- full of concrete and steel. Westerunie consists of atmospheric Wester Union and the intimate Westerliefde. At major events is also adjacent Transformatorhuis
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Brasil Bar Amsterdam |
Home of Jamrock dancehall Tuesdays. An urban club characterized by its fun and amicable bar staff and music that is as diverse as are its visitors. Pop, HipHop, R&B and Latin music. If you are a Dancehall & Reggae fan make sure you are in Amsterdam on a Tuesday for Jamrock! Cuz the club going up!
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Bloomingdale Beach Club

Bloomindale Beach Club, Amsterdam
A bit outside of Amsterdam but worth a visit during the summer time. It hosts some great larger events and festivals with both local and international acts.