Dealing with moving back home and reverse culture shock

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Dealing with moving back home and reverse culture shock

Moving back home from living abroad is not always all positive as you might think it is and many deal with depression when returning home, also called reverse culture shock.

Here’s some tips on how to deal with reverse culture shock

When you first move abroad you’re open and curious to everything! keep that mentality back home. What’s important here is not seeing yourself as a failure just because you moved back home instead, own it! Because in the end of the day nobody sees you as a failure, if they do they probably never accomplished anything themselves.

All successful people are masters at failing because they keep trying over and over again until they accomplish their goal. You cannot succeed without failing. by failing you learn what not to do and what to do.

Realize that you have evolved as a person and might not click with your old friends and family anymore but do not let them bring you down and follow these tips:

  • Start networking with expats in your town. (There’s often expat FB groups or meet ups)
  • Start taking routes you haven’t taken before instead of the shortcuts.
  • Don’t hang with your old friends, they are not on the same level as you are now.
  • Start a new hobby.
  • Date people of different ethnicity.
  • Explore other music scenes. (Find events now)
  • Start taking courses or start an education.
  • Explore the local restaurant from different cultures

Ask yourself:
Why are you back home? try not to sound to negative but logical
Now ask yourself do you want to move abroad again?
If so, where?
How will you there?
Now start breaking each step down on how you will get to your next destination from sitting on the plane to what you can start doing today!

If you want to settle back home ask yourself if there is something you can contribute to your community with your experience? or have a conversation with someone you trust to find out what it could be. Trust me you have something valuable to give your community!

Remember it is going to be ok! you just came back from abroad you can handle being back home. 🙂

What’s your experience from moving back home? how did you deal with it? Drop a comment below