Christiania has been shut down

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Christiania has been shut down

Christiania has been a well know a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood, which basically means that it’s got its own laws separate from the Danish government in Copenhagen where it has been considered “OK” to smoke cannabis. After several violent police raids the police have now destroyed all sale stands on “pusher street” in Christiania. Reports Danish Tv2

The Danish police says the time has now come to take action against the drug trade on Pusher Street:

“We have reached a time when the criminal is so compressed that there are good opportunities for the forces of good in Christiania can get to, say senior police inspector Poul Kjeldsen from Copenhagen Police on a just completed news conference.”

 Foto: TV 2 (Denmark)

Photo: Liselotte Sabroe / Scanpix Denmark

 Foto: Cecilie Rex Selmer / TV 2

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