Backpacking Europe

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Backpacking Europe

Want to explore Europe the right way? It’s by train! Instead of trying to figure out where to buy tickets in each country you can buy ONE ticket that will bring you around Europe! offers Global Passes where you can choose days and amount of countries you want to visit within those days starting from €170!

Getting Ready For The Show

Ten reasons why you should backpack trough Europe.

1. You’ll get a new viewpoint in life.
2. You’ll meet interesting people and new friends.
3. You’ll experience many cultures (since Europe is not one country)
4. You’ll become braver and feel nothing is impossible!
5. You’ll get memories for a lifetime!
6. You might find the love of your life in a person or maybe career?
7. You’ll learn some new phrases in other languages.
8. You’ll eat some great food!
9. You’ll get to know yourself as you put yourself in uncomfortable situations.
10. Be aware people will get jealous of you!

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