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London Hotspots with George Smeddles

George Smeddles is based in the dance music hub London, where he’s been immersed in music since a very young age and has built an impressive understanding when it comes to the creation of the driving tech-house that has become his signature sound. From inspiring dancefloors to turning heads in the production realms, George exudes […]

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Label Focus: I Love Acid

I Love Acid started out as events in London and gradually grew to a vinyl-only limited to 303 numbered copies. Posthuman who are the main guys behind the label and events got their first release back in 1999 when they sent their first demo to Skam Records that resulted in being featured in their Smak […]

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UK Nightlife is now a priority of the Government

Director of government and public affairs at the industry body, Tom Kiehl, says British venues have a “bright future”. More then half of UK nightclubs has been shut down from 2005 to 2015. A rapid decline that is something organisations like the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) blame on a dated approach to club regulation. […]

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Seth Troxler weighs in to save UK’s Nightclubs #Nightlifematters

A campaign has started in the UK by The NTIA (Night time industries Association) to save the nightlife scene as almost half of London’s nightclubs has been closed down during this last decade. Due to Increasingly strict licensing laws, rising property prices, new housing built close to existing venues without sufficient consideration and measures to […]

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One particular weekend

So it’s officially Autumn… the leaves are turning from lusciously vivid green to rich, rustic reds, the black opaque tights are out in full force and there’s a Christmas isle in Tesco… Bet let’s not forget the fantastic times that were had during those long sun shining days of Summer 2014. As I look back […]

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Europe takes on the UK in the quest for the best festivals

“Dancing until the sun comes up at Croatia’s Hideout Festival is a must – you’ll never see a sunrise like it” Indulging your wildest fantasies, dancing until dawn, living in complete freedom and waking up with glitter all over your sleeping bag – what is it about festivals that just captures the imagination? There’s something […]

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UK Music Tourism

One of Rhythm Travels mission is to advance Music Tourism. To make governments and people in the industry acknowledge that this is a market and that they should put some focus on it and not ignore it like most of the popular culture or anything that has to do with young adults and youths. Visit […]