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Packing List For Your Summer Vacation!

While traveling there are some essentials you should have with you: UE ROLL 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker $69.99 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ready for wherever. Whatever. Whenever. UE ROLL is the powerful, pint-sized speaker that brings the noise to hidden beaches, cliff jumps and mountain climbs. It’s big, beautiful, unapologetically awesome sound that’s small enough to […]

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Backpacking Europe

Want to explore Europe the right way? It’s by train! Instead of trying to figure out where to buy tickets in each country you can buy ONE ticket that will bring you around Europe! Interrail.eu offers Global Passes where you can choose days and amount of countries you want to visit within those days starting from […]

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Rhythm Travels with Skyscanner

Another great announcement this week after the Uber partnership offering a free ride, we now annouce that we partnered with Skyscanner so that you now can search for the cheapest flights on the web straight from our website! Skyscanner is a global search engine that enables people to find comparisons for flights by searching millions […]

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Rhythm Travels with Uber

Free first ride up to 15€ using code RHYTHM! We’re all about making it easy for you to find events of your taste, find cheap flights & hotels and now getting you to the party with Uber! Uber lets you get a reliable ride in minutes with the Uber app. No reservations or waiting in […]

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Festival Essentials

Festival Season is just around the corner (some places already begun) so we’ve put together a list of advices and a packing checklist of essentials to bring with you on your adventure! Download the Packing Check list here (pdf) TIPS & ADVICE FOR FESTIVALS First of we recommend getting a Travel Insurance from WorldNomad.com Eat a big […]

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Tour Essentials with Soul Clap

Soul Clap is a DJ duo consisting of Elyte and Cnyce, that at an early age where driven to understand the history of dance music and found their teacher in original Boston disco DJ Caril Mitro who admitted them into the temple of Vinyl Connection (whose members included Dimitri From Paris and Frankie Knuckles plus […]

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Tour Essentials with Djeff Afrozila

DJeff Afrozila is born in a true culture crossroad with a Cape Verdian father and Angolan mother growing up in a capital city such as Lisbon meant being exposed to pop music of the 80s: Michael Jackson, Europe, Michael Bolton, Brian Adams, amongst many others, but living in an African heritage house also meant drinking […]

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Tour Essentials with Kyodai

Kyodai means “brothers” in Japanese and that’s a good clue for guessing who`s behind these two heads, the producers based in Berlin, are known under a variety of different names! a duo that gained respect from musical heavy weights like Lauren Garnier, Masters At Work, Jimpster, Gilles Peterson, Rainer Trüby, and they regularly release under a variety of different […]

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Tour Essentials with Dada Life

Dada Life are a prominent Swedish electro house duo, consisting of Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom. Some of their biggest hits include “Kick Out The Epic Motherf*cker”, “Unleash the Fucking Dada”, “One Smile”, “Freaks Have More Fun” and have just released their latest album “Welcome To Dada Land” with features from deadmau5, Zedd, Andybody, Major […]

New Party Island in Dubai

“We’re trying to make it the new Ibiza – a mini Ibiza dedicated solely to partying.” Says George Saad, Marketing & Sales director. A man-made party island set to rival Ibiza is being planned to attract revelers to the Arabian Gulf. Dream Island will be able to host around 20,000 partygoers with two ‘mega clubs’, four […]