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Weezy from Japan Talks Footwork

Ryoya Okamoto, known as Weezy, is a 25-year old Japanese footwork dancer, producer and DJ from Yokohama. He is currently on tour in Europe for the first time. In the past few weeks he has taught dance classes in Barcelona, London and Berlin while also displaying his top-notch DJ skills. Before his footwork class and […]

The Best of Footwork in 2015: Part Two

The Best of Footwork in 2015: Part Two 2015 was a colossal year for footwork, with the rise of Indiana producer Jlin, the continued rise of Teklife’s next generation and the ever-growing expansion of footwork around the globe. 2015 also featured outstanding releases from footwork’s more established artists such as DJ Spinn and DJ Clent, and […]