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Grooveo | RhythmTravels.com

DJ’s can now get paid while streaming live

Grooveo is a new platform that let’s DJ’s to broadcast their live DJ sets to a community of DJ’s and music fans while the music fans can tip the DJ in “Beatcoins”. The service is free and the requirements are quite low, all you need is a soundcard and a webcam and that will get […]

RBMA Radio | RhythmTravels.com

RBMA partners with TuneIn streaming service

Red Bull Music Academy Radio partners with TuneIn to strengthen their lasting audience being accessible 24/7. RBMA broadcasts handpicked music and in-depth interviews with influential artists from around the world. Deeply involved with their local scenes in 102 countries. TuneIn has about 60 active million listeners in US & Canada listening to live radio stations […]

Mp3 | RhythmTravels.com

No more mp3s by 2020?

We’ve experienced the death of minidiscs, CD, Cassettes and Vinyl that made a come back. Will we now stop downloading and have everything streamed? Nielsen a global measurement company of the media industry has recorded that single-track download sales in the US have declined by 42% since their peak four years ago. In the first […]