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Aluku Records | RhythmTravels.com

Label Focus: Aluku Records

Aluku Records is a London based label focused on African House music. Run by the passionate Dj & Promoter St.Denis. With the goal to bring bringing original organic traditional and ritual rhythmic sounds from Africa, Caribbean,South America and even Asia all blended with today’s more well-known electronic/ House music locations such as Central/North America and […]

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Label Focus: Magique Music

This week we feature Magique Music label based in Cape Town, South Africa by Margaret Westergreen who’s also a DJ under the name Lady M. What made you start Magique Music? Magique Music started out as my passion project and is now becoming an entity of its own. I wanted to open up new opportunities […]

Gqom documentary | RhythmTravels.com

Woza Taxi – Gqom Secret Stash Out Of The Locations [Documentary]

Gqom is the latest new electronic music style emerging from South Africa specifically Durban. It started around 2008 with its roots in House Music that lately been gaining worldwide recognition. Crudo Volta Radio based in Rome and the Label Gqom Oh! collaborated to create this documentary about the taxis importance within this emerging music scene […]

Truth, Nightclub | RhythmTravels.com

Nightclub of the week: TRUTH (Johannesburg)

TRUTH Nightclub is located in an abandoned snake park in Midrand, home to one of the world’s most unique electronic dance music venues.. One which stands testament to being Johannesburg’s ultimate Saturday night party destination! Having provided South African partygoers with the most upfront sounds in electronic music over the last decade, Truth has been […]

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RhythmExploring: Shangaan, South Africa

Shangaan Electro is the new wave of Afro-futuristic music and dance coming from Soweto that is making the delights of music listeners around the world. Hard to get unnoticed. One of the best things happening to this new genre is how it organically developed and grow inside an incredibly one man´s vision, Richard Mthetwa a.k.a. Nozinja. […]

Q&A with Floyd Lavine | RhythmTravels.com

Q&A with Floyd Lavine

Floyd Lavine has somewhat of a different musical past to most techno artists. His early influences and loves stem from a more soulful, hip hop inspired realm. He grew up on the sounds of Marvin Gaye, 2 Pac and Stevie Wonder. In his late teens Floyd discovered the rhythms of house and techno music. The […]

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African House expanding

During my first visit to South Africa in 2009 I got hooked on its culture, and over the past three years I’ve traveled in and out to what became my favourite city in the world; Cape Town. The city has everything: Wonderful welcoming people, an interesting and vibrant culture, breathtaking (and extreme) nature, amazing weather, […]