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Nightclub of the week: B-SIDE (Manila, PH)

B – Side is a staple venue for lovers of progressive, alternative music that is rarely heard anywhere else in the Philippines. Home to some of the most enigmatic and passionate musicians, both local and international, B-side has become a refuge for the movers and shakers involved in reshaping Manila’s subculture. Located at the heart […]

Swelling from the Surf: Realizations from a Non-Surfer

I honestly have no idea what the buzz is all about. I mean, they’re just a bunch of people on a surf board. This was my exact thought while gazing out to the coastline of Urbiztondo, San Juan. Of course, I’m a city girl. I’m sheltered and chauffeured. And I’m not cut out for too […]

Weekly Update w28

The past week we finished the deal with the organizers PULP Live World to offer you to experience the Philippines and while there enjoy some Rock music! PULP Live World are the organizers of the first indoor Rock festival in Philippines called BAZOOKA ROCKS. If the dates 30th & 31st August won’t work for you, you then […]

Weekly Update w.21

We getting closer to summer time and festival season! These are the new festival and nightclubs that have joined our Global Event Guide during the past week. Please suggest more events on our facebook page to have in our guide. Help us help music fans to find events of their taste when traveling and get […]