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London Hotspots with George Smeddles

George Smeddles is based in the dance music hub London, where he’s been immersed in music since a very young age and has built an impressive understanding when it comes to the creation of the driving tech-house that has become his signature sound. From inspiring dancefloors to turning heads in the production realms, George exudes […]

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New crowdfunded Techno club Objekt Klein A in Dresden

Objekt Klein A may be the first ever nightclub to be funded by crowdfunding. Not too surprising that it is a Techno club since the techno crowd is a quite loyal fan base. The project was started by music and art-makers in collaboration with Palais Palett in Dresden, Germany to create a collectively managed club for […]

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Nightclubs in LA might serve alcohol past 2am soon

For those out-of-towners who’s been out clubbing in California have experienced the odd rule that bars and clubs stops serving alcohol by 2am. Then the night end at a burger joint or afterparty somewhere. San Francisco’s state senator Scott Wiener plans to change this with a new bill he’s introducing on Wednesday that would allow […]

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Toronto Nightclubs

Toronto is a metropol with a large mix of cultures from all corners of the world. But also where Drake grew up 🙂 This city is becoming a hot spot for tourist and has a vivid nightlife. Here’s some of the best Toronto Nightclubs in no particular order. UNIUN NIGHTCLUB Heighten the ultimate nightlife experience […]

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Top 10 Instagram post of 2016

This year our Instagram account has been one of the best for nightlife and festival videos all over the world wether it be a Dancehall party in the streets of Kingston, Baile Funk party in Rio de Janeiro or an Underground Techno party in Sweden. If you’re not following us as the other 7.8k people […]

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Brussels Nightlife

Brussels may be the HQ of the European Union but is far from being political strict. Brussels is quickly becoming a trendy spot for weekend getaways and holidays, known for its famous chocolates and beers but apart from that the brussels nightlife is vivid with greats visiting the city. Here’s some of the best nightclubs […]

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Nightclubs in Chicago

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the US located in the midwest known for its bold architecture and skyscrapers. Chicago is also the birthplace of House music. What a impact that has been to the music culture of today. Therefore we have listed some of the best nightclubs for underground electronic and urban […]

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Copenhagen Nightlife

Copenhagen in Denmark is the happiest city in the world! Maybe because having a beer is part of the Danish culture 🙂 You’ll find tiny bars in almost every corner but finding the right nightclubs of your taste can be a little bit trickier. Therefore We’ve selected the best nightclubs in Copenhagen for underground electronic […]

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UK Nightlife is now a priority of the Government

Director of government and public affairs at the industry body, Tom Kiehl, says British venues have a “bright future”. More then half of UK nightclubs has been shut down from 2005 to 2015. A rapid decline that is something organisations like the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) blame on a dated approach to club regulation. […]

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Seth Troxler weighs in to save UK’s Nightclubs #Nightlifematters

A campaign has started in the UK by The NTIA (Night time industries Association) to save the nightlife scene as almost half of London’s nightclubs has been closed down during this last decade. Due to Increasingly strict licensing laws, rising property prices, new housing built close to existing venues without sufficient consideration and measures to […]