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Label Focus: Moveltraxx

Since 2007 MovelTraxx has been one of the most preeminent labels within Urban Club Music releasing music from the biggest names within their genres such as Sinjin Hawke, DJ Rashad, Mighty Mark, Dj Earl, Dj Tamiel, So Shifty and Traxman. We reached out to Moveltraxx to get to know them a bit more. What made […]

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From Jack to Juke 25 Years of Ghetto House (documentary)

This is one of my favorite Music Documentaries by Sonali Aggarwal looking at the electronic side of Chicago music from the last two and a half decades. Chicago is the Mecca of house music where it all began to what we call House and EDM today. Back in the early 80s a music genre that […]

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“I’m tryna tell ya” (documentary)

In spring 2012 an entourage from Don’tWatchThat.tv went to Chicago to document the Footwork Scene. A scene ingrained in the lineage of the City itself, filled with effervescent dancers, storytellers and beat makers. It was single handedly the most unique and in-depth tour we had ever experienced. They slept on floors, sofas and in dodgy […]

The Best of Footwork in 2015: Part One

The Best of Footwork in 2015: Part One 2015 was a colossal year for footwork, with the rise of Indiana producer Jlin, the continued rise of Teklife’s next generation and the ever-growing expansion of footwork around the globe. 2015 also featured outstanding releases from footwork’s more established artists such as DJ Spinn and DJ Clent, and […]

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Q&A with DJ Rashad

  Last Sunday we posted the documentary ‘From Juke to Jack: 25 years of Ghetto House‘ where we get an insight on how the underground House scene in Chicago have evolved. Dj Rashad has been a quintessential figurehead in the evolution from Ghetto House to Footwork and its predecessor Juke. His open production approach has helped him […]