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Highest Paid DJ’s by Forbes 2016

It’s that time of the year where Zack O’malley of Forbes magazine lists the top 10 highest paid DJ’s in the world. Calculated by earnings from liveshows, recorded music, merch, endorsements and other business ventures. And what we can see this year is that overall the top 10 DJ’s made $270.5 million which is 1% […]

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Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Global Bass

Let’s face the question straight away: what is global bass? Is it a scene at all? And if yes, what are its boundaries and what binds it together? Or better, who decides about its boundaries and about what binds it together? I can guarantee you that if you ask three different people active in global […]

Dream Weekend 2015 Update w.42

Dream Weekend this year was a massive success! So good the early-bird tickets is already out for sale. We at Rhythm Travels offer you 5% discount on the tickets by using this Code: RHYTHM here Get your tickets here!

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Q&A with DJ Blass

DJ Blass from Puerto Rico is one of the most significant producers within the Reggaeton scene and lately the young club music genre Moombahton. Dj Blass had introduced a new way of doing Latin Music, mixing traditional sounds with new rhythms. This has given him the title of Sandungero (party music) and worked on more […]

Weekly Update w.23

Usually we post our updates on Mondays but we wanted to wait until few confirmations. We teamed up with Insoundia to offer tickets to Ultra Festival in Split, Croatia. We offer single ULTRA ticket or combined with flight tickets. Press the Flyer for more info. Another great news is that we now offer you to book […]

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Q&A with Sam Divine

Sam Divine has come a long way since being a record shop employee having spent the last seven years being a key component to the White Isle’s party scene. Her travels have seen her tour throughout Europe as well as Brazil, Chile, Japan and Dominican Republic, with festival highlights as well as securing a three […]


European Carnival Guide

Carnival season in Europe is about to begin! We love the carnival culture where people from different cultures come together to celebrate our cultural differences. You get the chance to taste a diversity of  foods and flavors from all corners of the world in one place, while hearing the rhythms of the Caribbean played by the MAS (masquerade) bands […]

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Q&A with Jasmine Solano of Electric Punanny

DJ, Music Maker and TV Host – Jasmine Solano is nothing short of a world traveling, bonafide workaholic. Hostess of the show “Scratch the surface” on MTV Iggy she travels the world to find the real party scenes as the locals do it. She keeps herself busy by being a music producer, DJ and part […]

Q&A with Mela Murder | RhythmTravels.com

Q&A with Mela Murder

 If you know about Major Lazer you have definitely noticed one of their dancers Mela Murder. The New York based dancer have been touring the world with Major Lazer for the last years and they are just finishing tours in Australia and Africa. Part of Major Lazers success lies in their energetic and impressive live shows […]

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African House expanding

During my first visit to South Africa in 2009 I got hooked on its culture, and over the past three years I’ve traveled in and out to what became my favourite city in the world; Cape Town. The city has everything: Wonderful welcoming people, an interesting and vibrant culture, breathtaking (and extreme) nature, amazing weather, […]