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Dealing with moving back home and reverse culture shock

Moving back home from living abroad is not always all positive as you might think it is and many deal with depression when returning home, also called reverse culture shock. Here’s some tips on how to deal with reverse culture shock When you first move abroad you’re open and curious to everything! keep that mentality […]



“DJ Mackboogaloo is providing a series of monthly articles pertaining to Roots, Culture N’ Consciousness. We will learn the deep metaphysical principles that exist within the world of Music. Fela Kuti, pioneer of Nigerian Afrobeat music, coined the phrase, “Music is the weapon!” He understood the power of sound to unify & uplift the masses. […]

Break down cultural barriers with tourism

Aziz Abu Sarah speaks on a subject that has influenced Rhythm Travels to it’s existence. Aziz says Tourism is the best way to break down cultural walls which is completely true. What we get portrayed in the media is often biased and manipulated therefore seeing with your own eyes and creating your own truths weighs […]

Want to be a part of our mission?

The aim with Rhythm Travels is to present music, destinations, history & events to spark a curiosity for other cultures within the reader. We strongly believe that by doing so we contribute to a world with less prejudice and more understanding for each others. Even if it’s only one person, it matters. You can either […]

Rhythm Travels x FestGurus

Rhythm Travels teams up with FestGurus to give an insight on music festivals in Africa. ‘The Fest Gurus’ webseries follows four young Africans as they travel across the continent to attend the best African festivals. It is hosted by  Lorraine-Charlotte Bgoya off ‘Off the Wall’ radio show on ZiFm , Social Media consultant Mazuba Kapambwe […]