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Reborn From The Ashes – Burning Man Documentary

Burning Man is happening right now in the desert of Nevada. For us who is at home missing out on the event, we thought that we’d share this documentary to make us feel even worse for not being there 😀 “Reborn From The Ashes” is a documentary from the International Wood Culture Society. This film […]

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Stream Burning Man Festival Now!

Stream Burning Man festival Live from Black Rock, Nevada. Burning Man festival started on Sunday where around 70,000 people are attending the event that continues until September 5. This years theme is “Da Vinci’s Workshop” and has a live stream where we can take part of the free expression festival. Participants join in the effort […]

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Burning Man Buys New Land

Burning Man Festival blog recently posted that it has acquired the Fly Ranch, a 3,800-acre property located in Washoe County, Nevada. “In 2012 we became a nonprofit with the intention of amplifying and extending Burning Man culture,” the statement reads. “So here we are, taking a big step in that direction. As a year-round site, […]