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Boiler Room has had enough with the sexist comments

Last night during Nightwaves set at Boiler Room x Dailymotion in Paris a bunch of pathetic guys went tuff on the Boiler Room chat room. Something I’ve seen before where people either trash the genre or the fact that it’s a woman DJing. Why it would make any difference what gender the DJ has? makes […]

Photo by Marty Marn Photography Gilles Peterson

Filesharing service WeTransfer hires Gilles Peterson as Creative Director

WeTransfer is a cloud-based file transfer service based in Amsterdam that seems to have been built by people passioned by music as they are very involved in music by sponsor music events and recently started their podcast WeTalkMusic hosted by Thris Tian who is also one of the original architects of Boiler Room. Recently WeTransfer announced […]

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Get to know Baltimore Club Music

We recently released our #RhythmExplorer mix Vol.5 Hosted by DJ Technics. From Baltimore presenting the Baltimore Club music. We gathered some recent videos and articles on Baltimore Club Music to give you some further knowledge of this inspiring genre and culture. FACT Mag We Been Ready: Inside the global resurgence of Baltimore club Pitchfork Standing […]