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Our aim is to give You the promotor marketing tools to better reach your target audience and analytics to build stronger relationships with Your visitors. Today we offer you to add your events and venue, Import them from Facebook, Sell tickets trough our website or link to your ticketing service.

1. Create an Account
Sign up to add your events together with the best nightclubs of underground electronic & urban music.

2. Add you event
You can easily import your events trough Facebook using its unique event id.

3. Sell Tickets
Sell tickets using our ticketing solution with accompanied iOS Ticket Scanner App. Test it out by buying a free ticket.

4. Content Marketing
For special events we can create custom content such as Articles, Artist interview, Ticket Competitions to complement your marketing strategy. More info.

Scan tickets using our iOS App. Download it on Appstore

Tickets optimized for smartphones. No need to print tickets as you can scan it directly from the phone.

Ticketing is free included in our Pro account that has a monthly fee of €47.

Dashboard to manage your events, venues and ticketing

Get real-time sales reports

You can easily request withdrawal of your ticketing revenue after your event to your paypal account.

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