Nightclub of the week: POPULUX (Detroit)

Populux Nightclub, Detroit |

Nightclub of the week: POPULUX (Detroit)

Populux is the new name of the iconic Majestic venue in Detroit. The name which “derives from the retro-futurism of design and arts.” is “a rebirth of the word, much like the rebirth of Detroit, the rebirth of the Majestic Complex and the rebirth of the Detroit techno sound that has influenced the direction of music around the world.” sais Daiza one of the owners together with Dave Zainea

To give the best possibly nightlife experience they have spent $300,000 in renovation that include a new sound system, new bathrooms, a bigger stage, and updates to the outdoor deck, service bars and general cosmetic improvements.

The Past is the Future at POPULUX! By fusing Detroit’s techno roots with the city’s hotter than ever music scene, POPULUX will yield a unique brand of techno and house music, blended with that sweet Motown sound and soul.

“…I am very excited for the new downtown Detroit venue opening and looking forward to being involved as much as I can!” Kevin Saunderson

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