Nightclub of the week: Circo Voador (Rio de Janeiro)

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Nightclub of the week: Circo Voador (Rio de Janeiro)

Circo Voador “The Flying Circus” is located in the neighborhood of Lapa, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, state of the same name in Brazil. It is in a traditional cultural space of the city.

Opened in October 1982, it was revoked in 1996 by the then Mayor Cesar Maia and kept closed by his successor, Luiz Paulo Conde until 2002. In popular lawsuit filed by producer Maria Juca, had regained their right in court to return to activities. The City of Rio de Janeiro, which had demolished the space had to rebuild it by court order. It was returned in 2004 to producers and employees who were there in 1996, currently being managed by Non Governmental Organization “Association Flying Circus” independently, with its own resources.

in all these years of intense activity, the flying circus consolidated a rare deal of credibility with the Brazilian public. the associçao with the flying circus more than ensuring visibility, adds intrinsic values. By all this, associate the name of a company to the flying circus requires, first of all, responsibility and commitment to this public. In exchange, recognition and the opportunity to be part of history of Brazilian culture.

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