Nightclub of the week: B-SIDE (Manila, PH)


Nightclub of the week: B-SIDE (Manila, PH)

B – Side is a staple venue for lovers of progressive, alternative music that is rarely heard anywhere else in the Philippines. Home to some of the most enigmatic and passionate musicians, both local and international, B-side has become a refuge for the movers and shakers involved in reshaping Manila’s subculture. Located at the heart of The Collective, a mini art and food district in Makati, B – Side has gained a hearty following of those seeking both audio and visual stimulation. While primarily known as the only place to hear eclectic music deeper within today’s sub-genres, B – Side also earns notoriety for encompassing an exceptionally wide range of style and culture. With events ranging from local band showcases, album launch parties, weekly Hip-Hop nights, and its most respectfully notorious night, Irie Sunday with the best reggae vibes.

The venue’s subdued lighting, cozy couches, and vibrant art pieces create an inviting ambiance to the club’s interior. A massive chandelier hangs over the center of the dance floor, which is surrounded with a high quality sound-system. B – Side adds a unique characteristic by serving drinks from teapots, which are cleverly displayed behind the bar. Due to its unique location, B-Side is able to utilize The Collective’s atrium and host massive outdoor parties with penetrating sound, multiple bars, food, fire dancers, live art, and one of the biggest dance floors in Manila, that up to a thousand guests have shared on many occasions.

B-SIDE Nightclub
Owners DJ Mulan, Red-I and Jeff Ong created a space that reflects their vision of what Manila needs in a music venue. In collaboration with what is commonly referred to as “The B – Side Crew,” they’ve managed to develop more than just a venue, but a sense of community for local musicians in need of a place to showcase their talent and creativity. After more two years of successfully providing stellar entertainment, B-Side continues to captivate music lovers with its intriguing acts and musical sensibility.

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