The next guest to our feature dedicated to Amsterdam Dance Event is SHADED with his tips on how to make the best out of this year`s event!

What does ADE mean to you?

ADE is the forefront for meeting like minded individuals within the electronic music industry, and a great place to get business done if that’s on your agenda. Other than that it’s loaded with really good parties and pancakes! 

What are your tips on the events to visit this year at ADE?

Come to my event haha! Playing the FACT X SCI+TEC event at Dockyards with a hot lineup! Other than that I recommend going with the flow and just hanging with your friends! 

Tell us more about your plans for ADE performances – are you planning something special for your sets?

I will be playing a live PA, and will be testing a lot of new music I have made the last month. My set up is still the same, I will just be road testing some new ideas. It’s a great place experiment and to see crowd reactions because the audience is usually very musically educated.

Wanna see SHADED in action? Find the event and ticket info about FACT X SCI+TEC event here!