ADE Insight: Marco Bailey

Marco Bailey Party ADE

ADE Insight: Marco Bailey

Amsterdam Dance Event week has already started: the city if filled with thousands of EDM fans, producers, DJs and music industry professionals. Marco Bailey shares with us his plans for the upcoming shows and thoughts on why ADE week is special!

What does ADE mean to you?

ADE to me means meeting a lot of people in the industry, which is great. But really doing business here, not like at some of the other festivals and conferences we have throughout the year. I find they`re mostly all party time drinking sessions, while at ADE you really meet important people, with a focus on business. Its key for us all to meet people we e-mail all the time, and this is the perfect place to do that.

What are your tips on the events to visit this year at ADE?

Tips? Well, the DAY ON Festival with the Blakksheep stage, which is where I am going to be playing on Saturday, is obviously going to be an event you should check out, with many great artists and lots of incredible music. Some new talents too, so come down and check it out! Of course, there are so many showcases all over the city, maybe too many in my opinion, how can someone choose just one or two? But of course Awakenings and Loveland are the really big ones that everyone should be checking out!

Tell us more about your plans for ADE performances – are you planning something special for your sets?

I always try to do something special whether it is a small club, Awakenings, ADE conference of a gig in the middle of nowhere! So come and see yourself… because I won`t say more than that!

Wanna see Marco Bailey in action? Find the event and ticket info about Day-On Festival here!