ADE Insight: Carlo Lio

Carlo Lio party ADE

ADE Insight: Carlo Lio

Amsterdam Dance Event has already started today with a 5-day program full of great parties, conferences, music talks and workshops. We have talked with Carlo Lio about his plans for this amazing week – check it out below!

What does ADE mean to you?

ADE has quickly hit the top of the list for an event and networking conference. It’s a must for any artist or anyone related to this business. To me specifically, ADE really tackles all angles of how a proper music conference should be.

What are your tips on the events to visit this year at ADE?

Definately hit as many events as you can, because every year I’m always impressed by the venues Amsterdam has to offer. Always remember to being proper clothing, as its always raining and really cold! And I guess I can’t go without mentioning to…..smoke away!

Tell us more about your plans for ADE performances – are you planning something special for your sets?

I don’t like to plan sets, I like to play music on the fly. Its important to be able to read the crowd/room/festival in front of you and go from there. However I do have a lot of new productions I will be playing for the first time that I made sure I finished before ADE especially.

Wanna see Carlo Lio in action? Find the event and ticket info about Dockyard Festival here!