ADE Insight: Chelina Manuhutu

Chelina Manuhutu ADE event

ADE Insight: Chelina Manuhutu

We continue sharing thoughts and plans of our ADE insiders with you: check out Chelina Manuhutu `s tips and expectations below about this exciting week that became a meeting spot for all music professionals.

What does ADE mean to you?

ADE means heaven! All the DJ’s and promotors come to my city to connect with each other and talk about music. There are so many demonstrations from brand new products and tech companies along with tips and tricks from other DJs and producers. We all come here to make and play music together in small venues, to massive outdoor festivals.
What are your tips on the events to visit this year at ADE?
On Wednesday we have a Magnum bookings and Mambo Ibiza showcase in Madam (A’dam Toren), so be sure to stop by for a drink and some nice beats! There are so many great events in bars, clubs and even shops. The best thing to do is go to the website of ADE and you can see where your favourite artist or events are being held.
Tell us more about your plans for ADE performances – are you planning something special for your sets?
On Wednesday our showcase in Madam, where I have something special in mind for my set! However, it does always depend on the crowd, I will see where they take me with my set, it isn’t a big club so more intimate, which helps me to go with the flow a little more.

Wanna see Chelina Manuhutu in action? Find the event and ticket info about Welcome To Amsterdam event here!