World Longest DJ Set has been broken

DJ Obi |

World Longest DJ Set has been broken

DJ Obi from Nigeria set to break the world record of the longest DJ set of 200 hours set last year by Norbert Selmaj in Dublin, Ireland.

DJ Obi played a stunning 230 hours! 10 days straight rom Sao Café located in Lekki Phase One in Lagos. The rules where; every hour he gets a 5 min break, he can’t play same record twice within 4 hours and that someone always have to dance.


“I hadn’t slept for maybe 4 or 5 days, I woke up hallucinating, I wasn’t in control of my body… People kept using my dad as a reference point, because you know, I’d lost my dad – and you know, ‘he’s going to be disappointed if you stop, you have to keep pushing, he’s watching you, he’s looking.’ But that’s really what kept me going.” said DJ Obi


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We take our hat off for DJ Obi, well played mister!