WHY NOT Festival, New Techno Festival in Sweden

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WHY NOT Festival, New Techno Festival in Sweden

A new Festival has been announced in Gothenburg, Sweden. WHY NOT Festival is the creation of the organizers from Secret Island Nation and the award winning underground club MYTHOS.

Secret Island Nation had its 10th and last year in 2015 and MYTHOS had about a year-long run before it was shut down by law-enforcement same year. This time they making something bigger in the city center of Gothenburg transforming Gothenburg’s harbor into a two-day electronic music festival.

WHY NOT offers a well-curated international line-up not only consisting of well-established headliners, but even promising rising talents and local heroes to give a “Berlin feeling” with a Swedish twist.

Magda (POL) La Fleur (SWE) Dr. Motte (DE) Mount Liberation Unlimited (SWE) Sandra Mosh (SWE) Joel Alter (SWE) Of Norway (live) Sal Tate (SWE) Josefine Hellström Hansson (SWE) Ena Cosovic (BOS) Gloria Viagra (DE) Y+M (SWE) DJs with bad haircuts (DE) Stina Francina (SWE) Gabriel Gressak (DE) Brotland (DE) more TBA.

WHY NOT will be a festival aiming to be eco-friendly by reusing materials for the build-up, art and recycling. We can also expect an eclectic side-program, nerdy art and some quite surprising deco-efforts.

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