Filesharing service WeTransfer hires Gilles Peterson as Creative Director

Photo by Marty Marn Photography Gilles Peterson

Filesharing service WeTransfer hires Gilles Peterson as Creative Director

WeTransfer is a cloud-based file transfer service based in Amsterdam that seems to have been built by people passioned by music as they are very involved in music by sponsor music events and recently started their podcast WeTalkMusic hosted by Thris Tian who is also one of the original architects of Boiler Room.

Recently WeTransfer announced they have hired the DJ/Festival curator/Globetrotter Gilles Peterson as their Creative Director. A very interesting move as music tech is at a stage trying to meet our needs on how we music fans consume music at this modern age. This makes me believe WeTransfer has something brewing to bring to the market very soon.

Gilles Peterson is a UK-based DJ who started out on pirate radio in the late 80’s and then having shows on Kiss FM, BBC, Radio 1 growing to have shows on various radio stations all around Europe. He has won multiple awards for his radio shows and contribution to dance music. Gilles also has is own festival called Worldwide Festival high up in the Swiss Alps.

Crack Magazine sat down with him to discuss his new role at WeTransfer and his new projects.

“I am talking to some exciting artists about getting involved in WeTalkMusic and I am planning a Creative Class mini documentary series in Cuba, a country with a rich musical heritage which I have been championing for many years now.” Read the full interview here


Photo by Marty Marn Photography