Uproot! New Book About Global Electronic Music

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Uproot! New Book About Global Electronic Music

Jace Clayton a now respected DJ, Journalist and rhythm explorer was unknown until 2001 when he release his three-turntable, sixty-minute mix ‘Gold Teeth Thief’ that he put online to share with his friends. Not knowing that would be the start of his journey getting gigs around the world from Zagreb, Osaka, São Paulo to MoMA in New York.

This was the beginning of his journey to explore electronic music growth around the world from Berber musicians in Morocco using auto-tune, Mexican teens embracing its tribal roots in a modern way to also visiting places like Beirut, Spain and Egypt.

Here’s what some people got to say about this book.

“Uproot is a user manual for the world created by ‘Mr. MP3 and Ms. Internet.’ Jace Clayton has auto-tuned with Berbers, played squats in Barcelona, and fielded song requests in Dubai. As a DJ processing both sound and history, Clayton has captured the glory of a digital slipstream that celebrates flow and defeats economies until the break of dawn.” music critic Sasha Frere-Jones

And Diplo who started his career heavily influenced by global rhythms.

“Some people think global music culture is homogenous, but it’s not. Everything is mutating at a high speed and even higher bitrate. For any real insight into why and how it’s happening, it’s essential to be part of it and to document with the eye of a creator. Jace Clayton flows like water around the world, getting to the bottom of it all.” Diplo

Jace Clayton aka DJ Rupture released mixes throughout his journeys from 2001 to 2012 that we have the pleasure to listen to in his archive here.

This book is what Rhythm Travels is all about. Music, Traveling and uniting through music. Buy it now!

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