UK Nightlife is now a priority of the Government

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UK Nightlife is now a priority of the Government

Director of government and public affairs at the industry body, Tom Kiehl, says British venues have a “bright future”.

More then half of UK nightclubs has been shut down from 2005 to 2015. A rapid decline that is something organisations like the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) blame on a dated approach to club regulation. A campaign was started to shift the way clubs, bars and restaurants are viewed by government called Nightlife Matters backed by several International Dj’s such as Seth Troxler.

In a recent NTIA study they found that the UK’s night-time economy, which also includes restaurants and pubs, is worth £66bn and employs around 1.3 million people.

“In every respect the benefits vastly [of nightlife] outweigh the costs,” says Alan Miller Chairman of NTIA. “But sometimes people hold onto an old script [that says] nothing good happens in the night time…”

“The night time economy is something the government will be considering very closely going forward.” -Tom Kiehl

Too often nightclubs are the victims of new developments or new landlords causing it to shut down. The UK has recently seen changes in the law which aim to protect nightlife. A change that could mean that if a venue is in place before a new residential building, the new developer is responsible for dealing with noise impact on residents instead of the club. A cost that easily can become astronomical for a venue.

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