Tresor’s Detroit Nightclub is in development

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Tresor’s Detroit Nightclub is in development

In august 2016 we reported that the owner of the Berlin constitution Tresor Dimitri Hegemann been in Detroit open up a Techno club in the birth place of techno.

After years of location scouting Hegemann finally came in touch with the owners of oldautomobile-manufacturing factory The Packard Plant that had recently bought it from a tax foreclosure auction.

The redevelopment has now begun and contractors are on the ground.

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It’s not the first time there will be techno at the location as its was a common location for illegal raves back during the hay days.

The project would be built on four phases estimated to take about 10-15 years where the final firth phase will be focused on entertainment and cultural attractions including a hostel, a spa, and Hegemann’s techno club. So it will take a while until we can see the opening of Tresor Detroit.

Tresor Detroit


Until then we can still travel and visit Tresor in Berlin, View their upcoming events.