Three new documentaries about Latin American music in production

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Three new documentaries about Latin American music in production

The Argentinian label ZZK have for the last eight years been one of the most important labels to share new electronic latin american music such as Digital Cumbia and Electronic Folklore to the rest of the world.

Started out as a group called Zizek Collective in Buenos Aires, Argentina with their own club nights they eventually started to get a lot of attention by international DJ’s , blogs and magazines. Slowly they realized they should start a label for all the artist in Latin America to give them a chance to spread their sound.

Now their journey continues with ZZK Films, where they have three documentaries in production to continue sharing the Latin American music. They have debuted three trailers for their upcoming documentaries.

Analog Memories: In an abandoned office in Quito, a grandson finds the master recordings from his grandfather’s lost record label and discovers the history of the golden age of music in Ecuador.

The Sound of Change: ZZK is turning 10 in 2018 and we think it’s about time we told the complete story. In this documentary, we tell the history of ZZK Records and its impact on the digital cumbia and electronic folklore music scenes and Latin American culture as a whole. There’s much more than a dance party, and we’re going to give you some historical, social and political context to what’s happening not just in Buenos Aires and Argentina, but around the region.

The Nu LatAm Sound: The first of three films we have in development / production at the moment. 2 more episodes are currently being finished and our idea is to continue this series throughout Latin America, exposing exciting new scenes that the world needs to see. We started with Ecuador, in the Amazonian Andes, in future episodes, we’ll be heading to Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, the Caribbean and more!

ZZK are now seeking crowdfunding to be able to get back on the road and finish these three documentaries. You can be a part of making this happen while getting some exclusive gifts back. Visit their indiegogo page to find out more.