Swedish Festival Into The Factory Cancelled

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Swedish Festival Into The Factory Cancelled

Earlier today the ticketing website for Into the Factory was down causing a lot of questions. The promotors of the festival Music Goes Further shortly after send out a pressrelease stating that the Swedish Police has revoked their license because of the risk of drug overdose and risk of falling from building.

This is not the first time the promotors had issues with the festival. Last year you could experience harrasment from the police yet hired security at last year’s, described it as “the calmest event they’d ever seen.” In fact, exactly 0 serious crimes were committed at the festival last year, which is practically unheard of for a festival, especially compared to the ones that are allowed to continue here in Sweden.

Sweden have been famous for hunting down festival visitors such as with Uppsala Reggae festival where several artist and visitors got arrested due to having THC in their blod.

Here’s the official press release from Into The Factory

Police strikes down on festival permit and forces cancellation of Into the Factory festival!

Dear Into the Factory ticket buyer

This is a truly beyond sad letter from Music Goes Further and the festival team. Making dance events in Sweden has always been a struggle, battling with the police and other authorities eager to make our culture an example on the local war on drugs. All preparations for Into the Factory have had normal challenges, but mostly have been a constructive and progressive process, up until just a few days ago when police stated that they will veto against the festival permit. In their argumentation the police states that it will be impossible to produce a safe event. That people would die from drug overdose and from climbing and jumping of tall buildings on the festival area. They also stated that it would take an unreasonable number of police to secure a safe event. All in all, leaving us now with no option to proceed with the festival. This means Into the Factory 2017 will be cancelled.

This is by far the worst day in our more than 20 years as producers and as activists for our beloved culture. We are absolutely devastated and this will be sadly remembered as our last attempt ever to try and build a festival in our homeland Sweden.

What happens now?
To compensate you in this awful situation we offer all ticket buyers to Into the Factory 2017 new festival tickets for both Into the Castle 2018 in Cape Town and Into the Valley 2018 in Rummu. We will also offer replacement parties during the weekend, we’re working on this one now. More information will be out asap.

Due to this late ruling by the police, the process for the festival production is already far gone. Meaning payments to artists and suppliers have already been made effective to a large extent. If you, instead of changing your ticket (as described above) want a refund for your ticket, then we will need you to be a little patient. We will always do everything in our power to honor your claim as soon as possible but to be realistic this will not be possible until closer to our upcoming events in 2018. – Music Goes Further