Sónar to expand to China

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Sónar to expand to China

Sónar, Barcelona’s influential electronic music and arts festival, will be expanding to Hong Kong next year.

Since its first event in 1994, Sónar has grown to be one of the most cutting edge festivals of the electronic music landscape and is widely considered as one of the world’s most respected electronic music and arts festival. Beyond the music, Sónar plays an equally vital role promoting digital culture and visual arts through the Sónar+D series of activities.

Spanned over three days every June, About 80,000 people attend Sónar which takes over Barcelona with daytime conferences, workshops, satellite events and showcases that proliferate around the main show. Last year the festival contributed €72 million to the Barcelona’s economy. This year they featured some top acts as Fatboy slim, Ben Klock, James Blake, Jean-Michael Jarre, Kaytranada, Richie Hawtin, Skepta and many more.

What is Sonar: the new video from Sónar on Vimeo.

Sónar made its first international expansion to London in 2002 and has since travelled to cities such as New York, Seoul, Chicago, Stockholm, Buenos Aires and São Paulo. It will make its debut in Hong Kong on April 1 next year.

Hong Kong Sónar will only be one day still with a premier lineup of local, regional and international live artists and DJ talent will be performing on six different stages at night In parallel, the afternoon will feature Sónar+D sessions that will be open to all attendees.

“Hong Kong is our home, and we’re always looking for meaningful ways in which we can help cultivate and contribute towards a more vibrant cultural existence here,” says Justin Sweeting, Magnetic Asia music director. “Marrying our company’s experience and outlook with Sónar’s vision and international standing, we feel we can make a real and positive difference here.” – Justin Sweeting, Magnetic Asia music director.

More info on the The festival will be announced in the coming months on their official website http://sonarhongkong.com/