Roskilde Festival donates €10k to Hamburg Nightclub

Golden Pudel Nightclub |

Roskilde Festival donates €10k to Hamburg Nightclub

The Danish festival is donating money to support the famous Hamburg nightclub Golden Pudel to get rebuilt.

Golden Pudel has long been a meeting place for the musicians and international acts. Golden Pudel with was burned down on a sunday morning in February while about 150 where still partying fortunately no one was hurt.

Roskilde is one of the world’s biggest annual music festival decided to donate €10,000 to help rebuilt this iconic nightclub. Roskilde Festival started in the early ’70s c and regularly attracts huge crowds of over 100,000 attendees from around the world with some of the biggest international live acts. Even though Roskilde is a huge global brand today, they still retain their initial sense of the importance of solidarity and an anti-establishement.

Roskilde also announced on their website that they will be donating €22,000 to the Berlin music festival By the Lake.

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