Populux nightclub close after racist hack

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Populux nightclub close after racist hack

Detroit nightclub Populux has closed its doors for “at least a week” says Majestic Theatre spokeman to Detroit News while an ongoing investigation is looking into who posted a stream of racist tweets to the nightclub’s Twitter page following Thursday’s shootings of several police officers in Dallas.

The original tweet from the nightclub read, “#blameobama all you libtards caused these deaths. #dallasshooting #fuckblacklivesmatter” and included a meme of Birdman on a hot sauce bottle saying, “Put some Respeck on it.” It has since been deleted.

“We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement,” “Those people that know us understand who we are, our belief in equality of all people, and our love for all people.” –Populux in a Facebook post on Friday.

Since then Populux has deleted all of its social media accounts.

Several artist like Vic Mensa, Joey Purp and Bixel Boys pulled out from their scheduled performance at Populux as a result of the hack.