Paradise Garage to become a movie

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Paradise Garage to become a movie

Paradise Garage was a foundational nightclub notable in the history of modern dance music, as well as LGBT and nightclub cultures. Founded by Michael Brody and was located at 84 King Street, in the Hudson Square neighborhood of New York City. Operated from 1977 to 1987 and was the base for resident DJ Larry Levan.

Larry Levan was one of the first DJ’s to start experimenting with synthesisers and drum machines in his productions and live sets. Known for being obsessive with giving the best sound to the audience. Ushering the post-disco music leading to what was to become House music. The Garage was also a regular spot for DJs like Frankie Knuckles and Nicky Siano.

The movie called Paradise garage is written and directed by Jonathan Ullman known for the feature film Trouble In The Heights about Washington Heights in New York. Ullman also directed a short 15-minute film about the Paradise Garage in 2014. Where the original club staff member Joey Llanos consulted the actors and David DePino one of the venues DJ’s served as an associate producer.

“Larry Levan was a true pioneer. Few DJs are as revered as he is, past or present. Larry took the role of the DJ and elevated it to an art form, paving the way for all who have since come into the craft and made it a career. His contributions go far beyond just his song selection at the Paradise Garage. It extends to the hits he remixed in the studio and his work as a producer with the New York Citi Peech Boys, including his own landmark record label, Garage Records. Throughout his life Larry travelled a road that no one had taken before. Never afraid to take chances, it was his fearlessness as a DJ and remixer that has endeared him to generations of fans around the world, including myself. Twenty-three years after his untimely death people are still discovering him, still celebrating him, still feeling the influence of his vast body of work. That to me is a pretty remarkable legacy to leave behind.” – Jonathan Ullman

Joey Llanos & David DePino still keeps the garage spirit alive and organizes tribute parties for Larry Levan in New York. Make sure to follow their page to know when the next party is.

On the movie’s official website you can listen to the exclusive mix by David DePino.