No more Electronic Festivals at Playa Del Carmen

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No more Electronic Festivals at Playa Del Carmen

The Mayor Mayor Cristina Torres Gómez said in a press conference that “We want these types of events to go,” “We won’t allow one more.” which includes the Arena Festival and Mi Casa Holiday.

After the tragic incident where a gunman open fire at the Blue Parrot nightclub at the closing of BPM festival. Four people, including two security workers, were shot dead, and one woman died in the chaos trying to leave the club.

What sparked the shooting seems to be when a drug dealer was not let in to the club which caused the frustration to open fire. One promotor from the area told Reuters “armed men who claimed to be part of a drug cartel turned up recently at one of his parties, demanding access to sell drugs.”

“They’re all fighting for control of the region.”, “This is an aggression toward any promoter of electronic music in Mexico. It’s a wound for the entire community.” – Reuters


Radio Formula a local news blog posted a picture of a white blanket that was hanged in Playa Del Carmen

This is a demonstration that we are here, and it was because you didn’t get in line, Phillip BPM This is the beginning, and we’re going to start cutting off heads of Golfos, Pelones and Chapuli.

This is the scary reality that is current in Mexico.