Seth Troxler weighs in to save UK’s Nightclubs #Nightlifematters

Seth Troxler |

Seth Troxler weighs in to save UK’s Nightclubs #Nightlifematters

A campaign has started in the UK by The NTIA (Night time industries Association) to save the nightlife scene as almost half of London’s nightclubs has been closed down during this last decade. Due to Increasingly strict licensing laws, rising property prices, new housing built close to existing venues without sufficient consideration and measures to protect premises.

There is a lack of understanding about the benefits of night culture and it’s easy to say that it’s all about drunkenness and being rowdy.

NTIA has their manifesto on where we can sign their petition and donate to the cause.

Seth Troxler writes why he supports the campaign #NightlifeMatters:

“In places like Germany and Holland, local officials accept electronic music and nightlife as culturally valuable. They look at nightlife in the same way they do ballet. It’s not seen as something violent or criminal, it’s celebrated. They recognise that many of the people taking part in night culture are tolerant of different races, different genders and different sexualities. They recognise that nightlife has significant economic benefits, that it has the same capacity as high-art, fiction, food or film to inspire and influence a generation. In the UK and US, by contrast, there’s a total disconnect between night culture and ‘culture proper’. Legislators don’t understand who we are or what our value is, so there’s no desire to protect it.”

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