Nightclubs in LA might serve alcohol past 2am soon

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Nightclubs in LA might serve alcohol past 2am soon

For those out-of-towners who’s been out clubbing in California have experienced the odd rule that bars and clubs stops serving alcohol by 2am. Then the night end at a burger joint or afterparty somewhere.

San Francisco’s state senator Scott Wiener plans to change this with a new bill he’s introducing on Wednesday that would allow bars and restaurants to serve alcohol between 2am to 4 am.

Nightlife matters a lot, culturally and economically, and it’s time to allow local communities more flexibility.” says Scott Weidner in a FB post.

Alexander James a DJ & Musician in Los Angeles comments “There’s been ‘after-hours’ parties for a while in LA but for some it’s not truly after hours unless there’s alcohol flowing.” and believes the new bill “would definitely be beneficial to the music & nightclub scene, considering most of these events happen late night/early morning, plus these bars/clubs would end up making more money.

The current law let’s establishments stay open until the early hours but not to sell any alcohol. Which creates hysteria when it’s time for the “last call” at the bar. People drink more under less time to make it before 2am then leaves to get transportation back home with everybody else. You can tell already that this is not a great idea.

A similar bill was proposed in 2013 by Mark Leno which failed to get enough votes.

In an article on SF Chronicle Michael Scippa, director of public affairs for Alcohol Justice says its a “foolish plan” claiming it will kill more people. Well how about learning about self-control and your own limits? Not treating the people like children? Because how you treat people is exactly what you get back.

RA made a documentary about the growing underground scene in LA due to this law.

What’s your thoughts this new bill? sound of below.