New Warehouse Nightclub in Brooklyn

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New Warehouse Nightclub in Brooklyn

The founder of Bossa Nova Civic Club John Barclay has filed an application for a liquor license to open a nightclub in Brooklyn on 198 Randolph St in Williamsburg.

The venue is a warehouse located in a heavy industrial area with a capacity of 1300 people. The application is to open a concert hall, restaurant as much as it will be a nightclub, hoping the be open until 6am.

“We are trying to follow every possible rule and we are very open to any input from the community board,” says John Barclay owner of Bossa Nova Civic Club to DNAinfo.

A block away from the warehouse another venue Brooklyn Mirage famous for its Cityfox raves recently got shut down by police due to selling alcohol without a license and breaking several safety violations.

Hopefully this will will go trough so we can add another nightclub to visit while in New York.


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