New Venue The Sonic Jungle to open in Brooklyn

The Sonic Jungle Brooklyn |

New Venue The Sonic Jungle to open in Brooklyn

The Sonic Jungle is a “music and arts venue supporting the green movement through herbalism, wellness, and technology.”

The new four-floor venue will be set on Flatbush ave located on a 44,000 square-foot space across Prospect Park in early next year, says Courtney McKenna, Community manager at The Sonic Jungle. We wont have to wait too long to get a feeling of the venue as the having with three warm-up events starting this month.

Founded by two brothers Andrew and David Goldin who realised there was a missing link in the sustainability movement: the human connection to the power of nature.

Being passionate about environmental impact and holistic living, Andrew being a wellness and health professional and David an artist and designer sought to bring nature back into people’s lives.

The venue will host a large rooftop garden engaging local urban farmer, host a series of lectures about urban farming and sustainability solutions. And as the day ends the venue transforms to a nightclub with purposeful event where people can celebrate, connect with like-minded people and also enjoy a healthy alternative mood enhancer.

“Through the prioritisation of natural wellness, accessibility to music and art from around the globe, and exposure to eco-technology, people can collaborate, learn, and have fun while imaging a healthier planet. The Sonic Jungle is a playground where mental and physical senses are harnessed for impact.”

The first events will pave the way for the venue’s permanent opening in 2018. A Cultural Oasis, rooted in environmental and social impact, for the creative and the curious of New York City. There’ll be Live performances, DJ sets along side “meditation and healing lounges, art galleries and installations, interactive technology VR experiences, an herbal apothecary and film screenings.”

The Sonic Jungle |

I can’t wait to come and visit New York for this venue. They truly got a vision that is benefiting for others and the future. Their opening event features on February 25 with Navid Izadi of Wolf + Lamb, Sabo, Clarian and Red Light Radio from Amsterdam. Click for full event details.