Music can help you get pregnant


Music can help you get pregnant

Over decades scientists have investigating factors that might improve a couple’s chances of giving birth to a healthy baby. Genetically sound eggs and sperm, low levels of maternal stress and a delicate balance of hormones. It turns out that the missing ingredient may be pulsing trance music.

A research made at the Altravita IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) clinic in Moscow found that playing the music, known for its repetitive bass lines, for 24 hours a day to eggs in test tubes increased the number of practicable embryos by almost a fifth.

In the testing, A State of Trance by DJ Armin van Buuren was played to 758 eggs at 80 decibels, though the aligned number were nurtured in silence, The Times reported.

The team, led by Alex Biryukov, found the eggs that were played the music were marginally more likely to develop into embryos, but much more likely to the stage in which they could be implanted.

Their findings were presented at Fertility 2017, which was held in Edinburgh earlier this month.

Dagan Wells, an connect professor at the University of Oxford who has been practicing in the psychiatry of human embryos for more than two decades, said it was possible the vibrations from the music created similar conditions to those in the womb immediately after conception.

Dagan Wells, an associate professor at the University of Oxford said to The Times

“It is possible that vibrations could simulate some of these effects by agitating the medium, helping to mix the fluid in which the embryo is immersed, diluting potentially harmful chemicals excreted by the embryo and increasing exposure to important nutrients.”

He press yet to be that there was yet much room for improvement considering it came to IVF treatment, although admitted it had enlarged dramatically in recent years.

The first time the idea of music advancing egg fertilisation was presented in 2013 by researchers in Barcelona said they found playing artists including Madonna, Metallic and Bach appeared to help eggs grow.

They told the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryologys annual conference in London that year that the songs helped accretion the chances of eggs mammal fertilised by on the subject of 5 per cent.


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