Lightning cause Berghain visitors go topless

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Lightning cause Berghain visitors go topless

Sunday evening lightning struck the infamous Berlin nightclub Berghain, causing the air-conditioner and lights to shut down. The only light they had was the emergency lights that couldn’t be switched off for hours.

As the air-conditioner wasn’t functioning the venue became hot like a sauna, where the only way to deal with it was to take of some clothes in true hedonism fashion.

“Never saw so many topless girls and boys in a club…I will never forget that view from the iron stairs down on that ocean of naked flesh waving and pulsating.” Said DJ T who was playing at Panorama Bar in Berghain.

No footage of the event are available since Berghain keeps a strict no footage policy. If they catch you recording or taking a photo you’ll get banned for life. If you now even manage to get in since this is one most difficult underground nightclubs to get in to.


Here’s what DJ T had to say.

And Dax J

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