Festival in UK Provides Drug Testing

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Festival in UK Provides Drug Testing

Secret Garden Festival is the first festival in the UK that will be offering attendants to test their drugs of purity, an attempt to promote safer drug use.

The initiative was collaboration between the local police, councils and the organization The Loop. a team that conducts forensic testing of drugs throughout the music and nightlife scene but until now only been able to test drugs seized by police, dropped in amnesty bins or provided by paramedics after a medical incident.

Fiona Measham, co-founder of the organisation told The Guardian “For the first time we’ve been able to offer the testing service to individual users as part of a tailored advice and information package provided by a team of experienced drugs workers. This can help people make informed choices, raising awareness of particularly dangerous substances in circulation and reducing the chance of drug-related problems occurring.”

“Harm reduction and welfare is a vital part of hosting any event and it’s an area that for too long has seen little development or advancement,” Freddie Fellowes founder of Secret Garden Festival

Over 80 substances of concern where tested on the first day and half only, from highly potent ecstasy pills to anti-malaria tablets sold as ketamine and ammonium sulphate as MDMA.

This is a huge step in accepting the fact that the war on drugs is not working and that there always will be drugs. We just have to change our strategy in how to handle it to a more safer way just like Secret Garden and The Loop are handling it.

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