Eco-friendly vinyl is soon to be available

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Eco-friendly vinyl is soon to be available

We’re addicted to vinyl and have an unhealthy relationship with crate digging. What we didn’t know was that the production of vinyl is really bad for the environment.

Our beloved vinyl record is made of PVC PolyvinylChloride which is hazardous to us and environment as dioxin is created from the manufacture and incineration of PVC. Dioxin is one of the most deadliest of man-made poisons and it’s a cumulative toxin, meaning it stays in the body for a long time, concentrating in food chains at the highest levels in carnivores – which includes us.

To create PVC we need oil from fossil fuel, and we all know about that story.

In the south of Netherlands the company Symcon group is currently researching how they can create an eco-friendly vinyl record that’s costs efficient, faster to create with better quality.

In the conventional pressing method a puck of vinyl plastic is placed between two stampers and steamed to heat the vinyl to 180 degrees while the two stampers are pressed together for about 8 seconds and cooled for another 16 seconds. The vinyl fills out the stampers and any excess material that spills out is cut off. The force used in this process causes wear on the stampers, which can be used for 1,500 to 2,000 records each on average.

Discogs visited the plant to give us an insight on what the future of vinyl holds