DJ’s can now get paid while streaming live

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DJ’s can now get paid while streaming live

Grooveo is a new platform that let’s DJ’s to broadcast their live DJ sets to a community of DJ’s and music fans while the music fans can tip the DJ in “Beatcoins”.

The service is free and the requirements are quite low, all you need is a soundcard and a webcam and that will get to started to have your own boiler room session at your home. As an upcoming DJ this tool can help you develop your fanbase where you can easily engage with them through the chat option. With these metrics is can help you get more gigs by demonstrating that you have a real fan base that enjoy your mixing.

Grooveo is not limited to any DJ equipments and lets you use either vinyl, cdjs or digital players such as traktor and serato. You may also add several webcams to make your broadcast more exciting.

The “Beatcoins” is the Grooveo currency that equates to real cash making it possible for DJ’s to make some extra bucks. One feature that I find very good for the industry is that royalties are payed to ASCAP so that the artists of the music that is played gets their share.

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