What is Vaporwave?

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What is Vaporwave?

A mini documentary about the internet music genre Vaporwave has been released by the YouTuber Fredrik Knudsen, who is behind the mini-documentary series called Down the Rabbit Hole that explores odd sensations that have gained popularity through the internet. In this documentary Fredrik explores the history of Vaporwave, from Oneohtrix Point Never to Simpsonwave.

Vaporwave emerged in early 2010’s viewed as a satirical genre towards consumer capitalism, pop-cultures and new-age tropes. Where the visual artwork referred as “Aesthetic” inspired by cheesy 80’s-90’s computer graphics, 80s muzak nostalgia, kitsch colors and Japanese manga. James Ferraro : Far side Virtual and Macintosh Plus: Floral shoppe are often credited to be the spark of the genre.

Music writer Adam Harper of Dummy Mag describes the genre as “ironic and satirical or truly accelerationist

MTV and Tumblr new visual identity is heavily influenced by Vaporwave aesthetic which is ironically since the genre itself is a play on pop culture and trends.

Check out the documentary below