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UK Music Tourism

One of Rhythm Travels mission is to advance Music Tourism. To make governments and people in the industry acknowledge that this is a market and that they should put some focus on it and not ignore it like most of the popular culture or anything that has to do with young adults and youths.
Visit UK and UK Music did actually identify this market and made a research about it.

“The study reveals that tourists at live music events not only add billions to the UK economy but offer astounding regional tourism benefits, motivating Britain-wide travel. Music tourism provides a massive boost to the UK’s nations, regions and local economies, including at least 24,000 jobs each year.

The Wish You Were Here report demonstrates the incredible pulling power of live music and its potential to fuel tourism throughout the country. The report was launched with VisitBritain whose ambition is to attract a total of 40 million overseas visitors by 2020, which music tourism will look to contribute more to over the coming years…”

Head over to UK Music to read the full report, click here